About Wisdom and Warmth

About Wisdom and Warmth - a blog for those looking for ways to live life in full bloom.

Who is Wisdom and Warmth?

I'm a woman in the second half of life looking to share the lessons I've learnt along the way. Words of wisdom from the heart about how to live life well. I love the concept of flourishing in life - being in full bloom. Living a life that's satisfying, having a sense of peace and wellness on every level - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - it's about thriving and loving this one wonderful life we've been given (through the ups and downs - because life is always changing and if we flow with it rather than fighting it, we gain a sense of joy and contentment).

Why Wisdom and Warmth?

There's a lot of "How To" advice out there that comes from a wealth of sources (good and bad!) and there are answers for every question. I want to offer something a little bit different - something from the heart and not just the head. I'd like to share the simple truths I've discovered through living a life full of ups and downs and curves in the road. It hasn't been a breeze every day, but it's been so rewarding and worthwhile. I feel like I've reached the "wise woman" stage of life where I can share some of what I've learned - with love and a desire to see others find their way through the storm and into the sunshine.

Wisdom and Warmth for You

Hopefully you'll find some answers. I don't promise that what I share has any guarantees, but I do offer thoughts that come from life experience and from what I've learned along the way. I hope you'll feel at home here, that you'll feel like you're sitting awhile in the sunshine and sharing ideas, finding some guidance and hope, and meeting someone who you can relate to and who you want to get to know more deeply.

Welcome my friend and let's get started on a journey into living life in full bloom.